TomExpress v20.0.0 (Current)

Release Date: Jan-2020

Database changes:

  • Mapping on the new MicroTom tomato genome assembled using Long Read Sequencing
    • Structural annotation using EuGene-EP
    • Functional annotation using BLAST2GO
        Includes correspondences with ITAG genes
  • New data
    • 8 new Projects, 1 of which private (38 in total)
    • 211 new Conditions, 38 of which private (433 in total)
    • 452 new Samples(1201 in total)
  • Several database fixes

Features changes:

  • New way of setting expression conditions by selecting the project of interest
  • In the expression chart:
    • The tooltips now display information for each condition
    • The logarithmic scale has been swapped from base 2 to base 10
  • Interactive heatmap using InChLib
  • The Coexpression tool has been split into 2 tools :
    • Select one gene to search its most correlated counterparts under a given threshold
    • Select multiple genes to calculate the correlation between them under a given threshold
  • New interactive library for displaying networks: D3.js
  • New page with database statistics
  • New login system: logging in is no longer compulsory, but for extra features (search history, exporting, access to data sources, and more) you need to be logged in
  • New online documentation

TomExpress v17.0.1

Release Date: Dec-2017

Features changes:

  • fix

TomExpress v17.0.0

Release Date: May-2017

Features changes:

  • Hudge design & performance rework
  • One page UI
  • workspace size increase
  • User Account management with queries history
  • Simple/Advanced mode Search
  • Svg outputs for plots
  • in Planta, new version coming soon

TomExpress v16.5.0

Release Date: July-2016

Database changes:

  • 13 RNA-Seq projects (29 total)
  • 98 unique global conditions (222 total)
  • 300 sequence files (749 total)

TomExpress v16.0.0

Release Date: Jan-2016

Database changes:

  • Added Gene name/symbol when available & Uniprot ID for each gene
  • Lots of fixes and improvements in samples annotation
  • Several databases fixes

Features changes:

  • Overal theme & user interface rewrite
  • Added Search by "Gene Name/Symbol"
  • Added Gene Name/Symbol display to the result table
  • Added UniProt card link for each gene
  • Added filtering options in result entries
  • Added the possibility to search for a fixed number of correlated genes in the Co-Expression visualization
  • Added online documentation
  • Removed Search by "MapMan description"


  • 16 RNA-seq projects
  • 124 unique global conditions
  • 449 sequence files
  • Search for gene expression using :
    • gene Locus ID
    • iTAG description
    • MapMan description
  • 4 visualizations options:
    • Expression in Planta
    • Gene Expression
    • Expression Heatmap
    • Co Expression
  • Export of :
    • expression data
    • plots
    • pictures

Version naming convention : X.Y.Z

  • X => Major Update : Year of release
  • Y => Minor Features, major bugs fixe
  • Z => Minor bugs fixe